Sturdy Rotationally Molded Product.
Wider Base for Better Root Ball Fit and Better Stability in High Winds.
Extends Watering Cycle with Optional Water Reservoir and Fill Tube.
Available in 5 sizes and 6 popular Finishes.

Axiom Exterior/Interior Planters Download PDF
Model Outside Top Outside Base Outside Height Inside Top Inside Height Grow Pot* Saucer Model LECA Model
AXTC-1512 15.25" 9.9" 12.4" 14" 12" 10"/12" TR-12
AXTC-2117 20.7" 13.4" 16.7" 19" 13.25" 14" TR-16 LECA-10
AXTC-2520 24.5" 15.9" 19.8" 22.5" 16" 17" TR-18 LECA-10
AXTC-3125 30.6" 19.9" 24.8" 28" 20" 21" TR-22 LECA-25
AXTC-3730 36.7" 23.8" 29.7" 33.7" 24" 24" TR-26 LECA-25
*Grow Pot can be placed on Water Reservoir Shelf if direct planting not desired.
Optional Sub-Irrigation
Water Reservoir Shelves
Model Fits Models
WRS-1503 AXTC-2117
WRS-1704 AXTC-2520
WRS-2205 AXTC-3125
WRS-2605 AXTC-3730
Fill Tube Assemblies
Model Fits Models
TA-2117 AXTC-2117
TA-2520 AXTC-2520
TA-3125 AXTC-3125
TA-3730 AXTC-3730
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